Virgin Atlantic; many came before me and many will follow

Working as part of a gigantic team of developers, UX, an art and creative director at LBi, I helped tinker with, test and tease the ever evolving Virgin Atlantic website.

I sat opposite a cage fighter who ate fistfuls of chicken all day long

OMFG I worked on MMB, OLCI, FBPP, MPM, FITFOO and a tonne of other tongue-twisting acronyms. As well as improving and responsive-ifying various aspects of the existing website I worked on a huge range of other projects:  from drawing up seat maps and designing e-tickets, to designing an in-house personas app and trialling interaction prototypes in flash, remember flash?



Flight search simplified and streamlined for fat fingers

Thanks to me, mobile users will remember to leave their poisons at home

Interstitial loading animation

I never heard from him, but I bet Richard Branson is really proud

We worked agile (like goats) and often stood in a huge circle eating sweets. We regularly A/B tested and user tested some highly eccentric frequent flyers, whilst eating biscuits and drinking coffee on the other side of a two-way mirror.