The Nimrod Expedition 1907–09, was an Antarctic push for the South Pole led by Ernest Shackleton

A university brief: to design and brand a scotch whisky that is a re-invention of the whisky bottles discovered underneath Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton’s hut in 2010.

I created a contemporary design that utilises the incredible photography taken on Ernest Shackleton’s 1907 expedition. The project was featured on The Dieline and Lovely Package.

This project inspired me to change my name by deed poll. I used to have a long complicated surname (Narkiewicz). Inspired by a member of Shackleton’s team – Apsley Cherry-Garrard I wanted to change my surname to Cherry-Kynaston.

One day, when I got an email from Groupon saying “Legal Name Change Online (£6)” I knew it was time. Now I have a different long complicated surname, with a higher scrabble score.