The end of my relationship, the Queen, dogs, uncling and people staring at their phones. My 2016.


Hey Zef, where did you find out about all these useful tools?

Most of my friends

I like that question. The answer: years and years of experience.

When I turned up to my interview for the graphic design course in Falmouth, Cornwall I thought ‘kerning’ was the spatial difference between two text characters. And I was 100% right.

Not everyone can be that clued up. So I’ve compiled a handy list of all the tools that have helped me become one of the best designers I know. The title says freelancers, but let me tell you a secret. These tools are just as useful to someone in permanent employment too.

Hopefully, my years of learning can give you a head start and hey even if you are a seasoned pro, there might be a couple of useful things in here for you too.

20 tools a freelance graphic designer can't live without*

1. Chair
2. Pencil
3. Calculator
3. Desk?

R. Ear
6.Paint Shop Pro
13.Light Lamp

14.Sour cream
17 – Uncle Ginger from The Queen’s Nose


For some of these I have provided links, for others it’s best you research them yourself.

This year I didn’t go sky-diving, anywhere hot or underwater. I did go up a mountain and I think I’m losing my hair.

I like to try and tread in places that have never been trodden on before. Like corners of rooms or stairwells, or edges of hallways.

All year long I video inane events in my life. When the year is finished, I edit it all together in short five(ish) second clips. Once edited together it becomes a lot more meaningful. I will do this every year until I am in the ground.

There were two types of kid at school: those that employed the Union Jack method and idiots.

Enrolling the help of Obelix to test the hackneyed old theory, horizontal vs vertical stripes.