Set up camera A on a tripod in a busy place. Set camera B lower down beneath it. Camera A is turned off. Camera B is rolling. Gather tonnes of footage of people doing that hilarious, half-arsed stooping walk as they try to get out of the way of your shot.

Spotify playlist as a shopping list. Listen as you shop and keep it synced between devices. Delete tracks as you tick them off.


I really like the letter ‘M’ in this font, so I thought I’d make it really big for you. As a treat.

A jumbled pastiche I tweeted, did the rounds on twitter. Was used as a warning to bad designers and even got called ‘Hilarious’ by Peter Serafinowicz.


Cosmic Bean. The only t-shirt I have ever sold. I sold 4 of them. One to myself, one to my brother, one to Scroobius Pip and one to a lovely lady in Cockermouth who is a huge Sean Bean fan.